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The Deming Four-Day Seminar - Twelve hours of Dr. Deming in action as he conducted his famous seminar and it was captured on video tape in July 1992. A corporate contribution has enabled The W. Edwards Deming Institute to offer this collection of videos (twelve hours).

The Deming Library - (A 32-Volume Series) that covers Dr. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge, with individual tapes on many topics. Originally produced by CC-M Inc. Now offered in three sets: 1) Starter Library - five videos, 2) Complete Deming Library Collections - thirty two videos, C) The Red Bead Experiment - two videos.

Prophet of Quality - This program reviews the life of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, his education, professional career, and the origin of his philosophy. Dr. Deming's theories and teachings provide a foundation for managing for continual improvement, including his Fourteen Points For Management, which are presented and discussed using simplified cartoon-illustration. The program also profiles Dr. Deming's personal life and work ethic, and summarizes his teachings about competition, building trust, and systems thinking. These issues are discussed in relation to some commonly held attitudes and beliefs that characterize the traditional American approach to management and interfere with improvement.

The Essential Deming - The Essential Deming provides a selection of key foundational practices and principles developed by Dr. Deming, many of which are critically important to The Deming System Of Profound Knowledge™ - the culmination of his life-long work. Produced by the MIT Center For Advanced Educational Studies in 1981 and 1984, it is available in both Spanish and English versions. The Essential Deming is also historically significant as it is the first time Dr. Deming was filmed giving a seminar. It shows Dr. Deming presenting the content of his landmark book “Out of The Crisis”.

CEO Seminar (1992) - The CEO Seminar is geared toward executives, focusing on of the important role of management and leadership in transforming and optimizing an organization for success in today’s world. Through examples and discussion, and by using The System of Profound Knowledge™ as a lens, Dr. Deming explores the prevailing style of management. He also provides ways by which an organization can understand how it works, and what’s needed to undergo a transformation. Offered only once, this public seminar was professionally recorded and edited by the companies that presented Dr. Deming’s seminars.

Also Available

Roadmap for Change - The Deming Approach is an introductory tape to Deming’s theory of management.
Contact: Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation, Tel: 800-554-9862 (VHS)

Management’s Five Deadly Diseases — a Conversation with Dr. W. Edwards Deming,
Contact: Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation, Tel: 800-554-9862. Item Number 3909 (VHS)

Videos - Deming Institute Fall Conferences:

The W. Edwards Deming Institute conducts their annual conference every fall. People from across the globe gather to share ideas and experiences in support of Dr. Deming’s transformational philosophy.

The Deming Institute has made videos of recent presentations available at no cost. Visit The Deming Institute’s Vimeo webpage for more information.

Audio: (Listen while you drive to work or play)

Current Perspectives on Dr. Deming's Theory of Management, by M. Tveite, P. Scholtes, G. Ranney, and J. Orsini (OQPF, 1995) This is an unscripted conversation among colleagues. Mike Tveite, Peter Scholtes, Gipsie Ranney, and Joyce Orsini talk about the implications of Dr. Deming’s teachings and his contribution to our lives.

Contact: The Deming Cooperative, E-mail:, MP3 - $14

So You Want to Survey Customers?, by J. Orsini (OQPF, 1996; rep. The Deming Cooperative, 1997) This is a speech given at OQPF's 1996 Annual Deming Conference. With humor, insight, and examples, Joyce Orsini focuses on the design of surveys for customers and non-customers.
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, MP3 - $14

A Summary of Walter A. Shewhart's Four Lectures, by J. Orsini (The Deming Cooperative, 1997). A narrative by Joyce Orsini about the four chapters that comprise Shewhart’s 1939 book "Statistical Method From the Viewpoint of Quality Control", groundwork for any student of variation.
Contact: The Deming Cooperative, E-mail:, MP3 - $14

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