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Creating an archive of stories about
interactions with Dr. Deming
 and using his ideas

We believe testimonials, remembrances, and stories are an excellent source of conveying meaning to future generations, and have a profound educational significance.

We also feel there is a real urgency to:

  1. Look towards new media to connect with future learners.  Today’s students rely heavily on video as a primary means to gain understanding of concepts.
  2. While the media labeled Dr. Deming as a curmudgeon, people who knew him mention his kindness. Dr. Deming’s image must be improved.
  3. It has been 20 years since Dr. Deming’s death. We are on the brink of loosing testimonials and first hand accounts of interactions with Dr. Deming – FOREVER!
  4. Create a repository of recorded stories for future, as yet unknown uses

Why audio-visual recordings? Society is currently in a generational/cultural change about how people interact with video and text. Nonverbal communication accounts for 66% - 85% of all communication. Environmental conditions, physical characteristics and behaviors of the speakers are crucial in communications.

  • 65% of people are visual learners
  • 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual
  • Visual aids improve learning by up to 400%

Audio-Visual media is pivotal in this rapidly evolving new world of visual literacy and social media.

- Provide short, visual answers to immediate questions

- Promote learning through educational use of visual testimonials

We are dedicated to recording, archiving, preserving, and making accessible audio-visual stories and oral history from those who wish to share their experiences.

Only YOU Can Tell Your Story!

Why Visual History Archives

The Deming Cooperative - 2019